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Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM EST

Online Account Setup and Ordering Procedure    Call-in Ordering Procedure
Shipping Policy    General Information for Problems   

Online Account Setup and Ordering Procedure
General    Registration    Billing and Ship-To Address Entry
Quick Steps to Placing an Order    Adding Items to the Cart and Submitting your Order    Shopping    Favorites List    The Order/"Build-To" Form   

Our online E-store is designed as another avenue allowing our customers to order quickly, easily and accurately. We realize that ordering online will not replace the pleasant and helpful person-to-person contact that our customers have with a live Customer Service Representative. However, there are obvious advantages to having e-commerce capabilities for ourselves and our customers. The web is a powerful tool, giving its users the ability to disseminate and receive information very quickly, worldwide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Consequently, an online web presence allows us to display the most accurate and up-to-date product information to our customers, and the convenience of ordering from us at the time of your choosing.


To access our E-Store, you must first register. Click on the home page and fill in the appropriate information. The User ID that you assign will be used to log into our E-store in the future. The address you enter should be your billing address. We will review your information and send you back a password. This password can then be changed to something easier for you to remember - click on Account Information, then Change Password.

Billing and Ship-To Address Entry

Once you have received your password and logged-in, please click on the Account Information tab and review your Billing Information. We have used the address you registered with for the bill-to address, please review and correct if necessary. Next, under the Account Information tab, click Store Locations under View/Edit/Delete. The same billing address will already be set up as your first Ship-To location. Please edit, if necessary. If you have more than one Ship-To, or are ordering and shipping to multiple stores, go to Add Store Locations under the Account Information tab. Please indicate with a checkmark if you will be the only one ordering for the Ship-To location you are adding. Otherwise, fill in the store manager information and assign a User ID and password for that manager. Once you give the User ID and password to your manager, he/she will be able to access information and order for his/her location only. Once you have finished entering address information for your Ship-To location(s), you will be ready to shop and add items to a shopping cart.

Quick Steps to Placing an Order

Once you have logged in, you are automatically sent to the catalog page. From here, you may search for items or select them by category. To select items and place them in your shopping cart, you first must click . To Edit or Add Ship-to addresses, go to Account Information. Once a shipping address has been selected, a check box will appear to the left of all items of a search. To order an item or items, select the box(es) next to the wanted item(s) and then click at the bottom of the page. The default quantity for each of the items added to the cart is "1". We suggest reviewing your order and entering quantities after all items have been selected and entered into your cart. Your order may then be submitted.

Warning: If there is inactivity for a period of 5 minutes or more, your login session will time-out and your order information will be lost, if not yet submitted.


We currently stock over 5,000 items in our warehouse. Our E-store does not list all items at this time. When you log in, you will be taken to the shopping section or catalog specific to your franchise, if applicable. A product can be found by searching for the item name, item description, item number, or by selecting a category. All items in our catalog can be pulled-up by leaving the Search box blank and clicking . Multiple items found by searching will always be listed alphabetically by item name. Initially, any search will display a "text only" list of items found. Click to display thumbnails of the items. Thumbnails can be enlarged by clicking on them. Clicking the item number will also display an enlarged picture when the "text-only" list is displayed.

Adding Items to the Cart and Submitting your Order

Before items can be added to your shopping cart, you must select your Ship-To Location by clicking . Items are selected and added to your cart by clicking and placing a check in the box to the left of the item. Again, this box will not show-up until you select a Ship-To location. After you have checked the items you want to order, click found at the bottom of the list. You will be taken to a screen showing the items you have selected for your cart so far. You may continue shopping or you may enter in the quantities that you want to order. Press to show your new order total. Notice that freight is automatically calculated. Air shipping is also available, but the default is FED-EX Ground. At this point, please verify the item quantities, the descriptions and the ship-to location of your order and correct if necessary. Once you are satisfied, click where you take one last look before submitting the order. Click to send your order to us. You can print a copy of your order for your initial records from this screen. A confirming e-mail will be sent indicating that we have received your order. If you have a rush order, or an air shipment, please call Customer Service at 800-888-7415 to verify that it will ship the day you sent the order to us. Click if you wish to order for another one of your locations.

Note that a "Web Order #" has been assigned to your order. This will not be your invoice number. The invoice number will be assigned when your order is processed for shipment. The "Web Order #" will be shown in the note area of our invoice but the invoice number will be shown on our monthly statements.


The Favorites list can be set up for a quick shopping experience. While shopping, you will notice in the right hand column of every item listed. We suggest that you set up a Trendco Favorites list by adding any item to this list that you’d like to purchase from us on an on-going basis. The Favorites list can only be set-up and edited by the global user (the initial user that registered with us). Therefore, the store managers that you have set-up cannot change the Favorites list. If you decide to set-up a Favorites list, you can quickly enter an order by going straight to your Favorites list after logging-in, clicking on the items to order and sending them to your cart.

The Order/"Build-To" Form

An Order/"Build-To" form can also be created as an extension of the Favorites list. This form is useful for taking inventory and ordering. Once a Favorites list is set-up, the Order/"Build-To" form is created by clicking . Here, standard quantities can be entered for each item. This would be the desired in-store on-hand quantity. When printed (go to “printable version”), the resulting form can be used at the store-level for taking inventory and entering the quantity to order. The form can then be faxed to Customer Service or sent to someone to be approved; and then an order can be called-in to Customer Service or placed on-line.

Call-In Ordering Procedure
Ordering Procedure    Shipping Documents and Procedures   
Ordering Procedure
  1. Contact the Trendco Customer Service Department at 1-800-888-7415. State your name and request to place an order.
  2. State the store's "Ship-To" zip code. The Customer Service Representative will repeat the complete store address back to verify that we are shipping to the correct location.
  3. State the item part number or description and the quantity required for each item. The Customer Service Representative will repeat the items back and notify if any items are out of stock.
NOTE: Upon customer request, Trendco can supply customized "Build To" Inventory/Order Forms for your store use. These forms will show Product Codes, Descriptions, "Build To" Quantity, "Need To Order" Quantity and Prices for each item.

Shipping Documents and Procedures

NOTE: When your order is received, a copy of the packing slip should be attached to the outside of one of the boxes. An invoice with itemized prices will be mailed to your Billing Address.

To help you understand to Packing Slip, please examine the following shipping procedures:

  1. The person picking the order checks off, in the picker column, each line item on the packing list as it is picked.
  2. The packer then packs the individual line items into the boxes. He writes in the quantity being packed in the "Quantity Shipped" column, and notes any Backorders in the "B.O.D." column. Finally, he writes down the box numbers and initials the order.
  3. The box or boxes are then weighed by the line supervisor who pulls shipping labels. Most orders are shipped via FED-EX.
  4. On any order over $100.00, the line supervisor inspects and verifies the picker count before packing.

Shipping Policy
Shipping Policy
  1. Orders in stock will be shipped within 48 hours of order placement. Customer will be notified if order cannot be shipped within 48 hours. Please plan on allowing up to 7 days from order date for order arrival at your store. United Parcel delivery will vary 2 to 5 working days, not counting the day they pick up at our warehouse, weekends, and holidays. Orders where the total shipment weight may be several hundred pounds, or where one or more parcels are very large, may have to be shipped by a common carrier truck line.
  2. "Next Day", "2nd Day" and "3rd Day" Air Shipments can be shipped that day (depending on number of items, time of order, and availability), if ordered by 3:00 pm EST. Please confirm with Sales Service Representative that an order will ship that day. Any additional freight charges are prepaid and added to order.
  3. All back orders are recorded and will be shipped automatically as soon as goods are available, unless canceled by customer.
NOTE: Sometimes, in a multiple parcel shipment, FED-EX may not deliver all parcels on the same day. Please allow one additional day for any separated parcels to arrive before calling our Customer Service Department.

General Information for Problems
Lost Shipments    Damaged Items    Shortages    Merchandise Return Policy
A. Lost Shipments

If a store operator has reason to believe his/her order should have arrived, he/she should call Trendco Customer Service and the shipment will be traced. If the order shipped via FED-EX, Customer Service should have a response on the shipment's status within a few minutes. Customer Service will either respond with the date, time and name of person who signed for delivery; or, if shipment was lost in transit, Trendco will re-ship the complete order as originally shipped and re-shipment will be noted on packing slip, then:

  1. The store manager is to accept from United Parcel Service the first shipment he/she receives, regardless of whether he/she knows it is the original shipment or our re-shipped order.
  2. The store manager is to refuse the second shipment if it arrives. This shipment will then be returned to Trendco automatically by United Parcel Service marked "CUSTOMER REFUSED TO ACCEPT". There is no charge or responsibility to the customer for this refusal.
  3. Trendco will invoice the store for the re-shipment, same as the original shipment. The re-shipment will have a new invoice number, but will note on the invoice, that it is a re-shipment of the original invoice number.
  4. If one of the shipments is returned to Trendco by FED-EX, a credit memorandum will be issued against the proper shipments returned; or, it a shipment is not returned and FED-EX cannot provide signed proof of delivery to the store for the shipment in question Trendco, again, will issue the proper credit memorandum.
  5. If FED-EX provides Trendco with a signed proof of delivery for a shipment in question, the Customer Service Department will contact the customer to arrange return if the customer wishes.
B. Damaged Items
  1. If when delivered by FED-EX, the store manager notices a carton is torn so its contents could be damaged; he/she should examine the contents while FED-EX is present and ask the driver to verify damage by signing the packing list copy and noting it on the delivery log. If the carton is so damaged that the items are broken beyond use, the shipment should be refused and Trendco Customer Service should be notified.
  2. If, after opening packages, concealed damage to items is found:
    a. Call Trendco Customer Service at 1-800-888-7415.
    b. Trendco will re-ship damaged item or items immediately at no charged.
    c. Trendco may or may not request return of damaged item. If Trendco does want it returned, we will request the store to hold item for FED-EX pick-up.
NOTE: If it looks as though damage was incurred by FED-EX during shipment, store manager should not unpack items and should contact the local FED-EX office as soon as possible. To ensure credit, the damaged items and original packaging should not be discarded. FED-EX will either have a driver pick up or send someone out to examine the damage.

C. Shortages
A series of procedures have been installed by Trendco to avoid shipping errors. If you encounter a shortage, please call our Customer Service Department to report it.
Give us the following information:
  1. Item(s) shorted
  2. Box number shown on invoice for short item
  3. Initials of picker and packer
  4. Box weight on shipment label
NOTE: Please unpack carefully, as some items are small and could be accidentally thrown away or be in the box within a box. Be sure to check the box number listed on packing slip.

D. Merchandise Return Procedure
To aid in prompt and efficient return and granting of credit, these procedures must be followed:
  1. A request is made for authorization to return items by calling Trendco Customer Service. A 10% restock charge may be applied to any return where Trendco is not in error.
  2. Customer Service must be provided with the following information on each item to be returned:
    a. Reason for Return
    b. Item Number and Description
    c. Quantity and Condition
    d. Invoice Number or Purchase Order Number
    e. Location/Address where merchandise is to be picked up
  3. Customer Service will issue a Return Merchandise Authorization Number (R.M.A.#) - this should be listed on all packages being returned in order to obtain proper credit.
  4. For items to be accepted for return by Trendco, the item(s) must be New, Unused and in original or like box.
FED-EX Call Tag Return Options
  1. If re-shipment, Call Tags are to accompany re-shipment package.
  2. We issue Call Tags to FED-EX. They will come to the customer site in 2-4 days. Packages must be boxed for pickup.
  3. Trendco or FED-EX mails Call Tags to customer. Then customer contacts FED-EX for pickup when the package is ready.
NOTE: To ensure proper credit, packages should not be returned to Trendco without first contacting Customer Service and obtaining an R.M.A.#.